the vision of remembrance community church

We exist to proclaim, in a declarative and demonstrative way, the releasing and freeing power of the Gospel. 

Our vision is to see Lake Country (from west of Madison to the eastern banks of the Lake Oconee community) transformed by the power of the Gospel, one person, one community at a time.

At Remembrance Community Church, we believe that God is on a mission to rescue a world hurt by sin. 

We believe that God has reconciled us as individuals and as a church and has given us the ministry of reconciliation to take part in carrying out His glorious work of revitalization.

By the power of the Gospel, Remembrance will be an instrument of renewal in the world, not only spiritually renewing individual lives, but also physically renewing cultural forms and structures, helping to make all things new.

By God's grace, Remembrance will take part in renewing and rehabilitating hearts, homes, and heritage.  This requires word and deed.  God is regenerating human hearts and recreating all things.  


Remembrance Community Church is more than our name, it is who we are and what we do.  It is how we make disciples.

Hearing and remembering the Gospel as it applies to every area of our lives is the

power of salvation in justification and sanctification.  We continually apply the indicatives of the Gospel under the influence of the Holy Spirit, causing acts of repentance (turning from lies and back to the Gospel) which also leads us to remind others of the Gospel.

Community is the larger context in which we live out our remembering, repentance, and reminding.  It is where we walk in a manner worthy of our calling.  God calls us out of our diversity into a common unity around the Gospel as unique individuals with different callings.  We do this with patience, bearing with one another in the unity of the Spirit, in one hope and faith.

The Gospel community is lived out under the shepherding calling of the local church. 

God has called some members of our community to equip and restore with the authority and power of His Gospel word.

In this context, under this authority, we will disciple our body to maturity before a watching world with all of its influences.