church membership

next class begins sunday, may 1, 2022

9:15am in the sanctuary classroom

Course name and curriculum are modeled, in part, from that of Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

What do the scriptures say about the purpose, function, structure, and nurture of the church?

Is membership in a specific local church based on tradition, culture, or Biblical teaching?

What does it mean to be a member of the body of Christ?

In particular, what does it mean to be a member of Remembrance Community Church?

These and other important questions regarding the Bible's teaching about the church and church membership are explored in the course, "Membership Matters ".  

This course is not solely for membership applicants.  It is intended to be helpful instruction for all believers who, though they have not made a membership decision, wish to understand clearly what the Bible teaches about church membership as they seek God's guidance in this important subject.

The class is typically conducted in four 50-minute sessions that meet at the church.  Resource material for personal study will be provided.  If you have any questions or wish to participate in a Membership Matters course, please contact one of the church elders.



Section 1:  Why Join a Church          

What God's will and purpose is for the church  

What to consider in making a membership  decision

Section 2:  Statement of Faith

How the church is shaped by what it believes

Section 3:  Church Covenant

How church members agree to live

Section 4:  Church Organization

What holds the church together and how believers function in ministry and life

Section 5:  Our Story

Background and History of Remembrance Community Church

Section 6:  Mission, Journey, Vision

Where we are going and how we will get there